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Inline Fillers and Cappers


  • Linear bottle fillers for plastic, glass and metal
  • Containers – 5 ml to 5 liters
  • Number of filling heads – from 1 to 12
  • Types of products – low and high viscosity liquids of all types
  • Filling methods – piston, flow meter, net weight filling – diving nozzle or static nozzle
  • Operation – Indexing or continuous (walking beam)
  • Output speeds – 10 bpm to 200 bpm
  • Cappers – servo or magnetic clutch, pump caps, snap caps, PP, etc.

Our inline fillers have specially engineered bottle-gripping systems for handling a wide range and variety of upside down; asymmetrical and unstable containers of various shapes and sizes without requiring change over! They can be equipped with CIP or CIP/SIP for the filling system and fully automated change over. Puck type systems are used for filling and capping of cosmetics, skin care and other products. They can be designed with adjustable style pucks or puck inserts to increase capability with reduced number of puck types.

Flow Meter Filler Model – Uncarbonated Beverages
In this liquid filler, flow meters connected directly to the filling valves control filling to a constant volume. Model VFF can handle various sized bottles and model VFF-C is exclusively for cans.

Features: The simplified liquid path with no irregular surface allows efficient washing and sanitation. An electromagnetic flow meter especially developed for filling applications and filling volume correction system ensure accurate filling. Spreader-type filling minimizes foaming and over flow, achieving clean operating conditions. Filling volume can be adjusted easily using switches on the operation panel, reducing size-change time.

Options: S/CIP system, CIP adapter automatic connecting system, automatic filler bowl elevating device, FBH system, data accounting unit

Control System: Weight signals from the flow meters are received by the weight controller and directly control the opening and closing of the filling valves. If the optional data processor unit is connected, the filling weight of each valve can be printed out as a histogram for simple quality control.

Gravity Filler Model
This filler for carbonated or non-carbonated beverages fills to a preset level. Model GF is for glass and PET bottles and model GF-C is for cans.

Features: A CO2 gas pressure control system for maintaining pressure inside the filler bowl at a constant level and a liquid level control system for maintaining the liquid level inside the filler bowl at a constant level ensure accurate filling. The simplified filling valves allow efficient washing and sanitation. The valves can be used for both carbonated and non-carbonated beverages so that replacement of valves is not required when changing product type. Gentle handling reduces container instability during feeding and foaming of product during filling. This also reduces noise and assures smooth feeding even in high-speed operation. Change parts can be replaced by one-touch operation simplifying size change and reducing changeover times.

Options: S/CIP system, CIP adapter automatic connecting system, automatic filler bowl elevating device, machine exterior automatic washing unit, FBH system, non-carbonated beverage preparation system for dual-purpose, snift gas recovery system







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