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Quality Product at a Modest Price


  • Speed up to 60 bpm
  • Glass, plastic and metal containers
  • Servo screw capping, pump cans, PP cans, snap caps and specials
  • Can be equipped with multiple filling heads – multiple capping stations
  • Automatic detect/reject system with no bottle, no fill, no cap


  • Can be re-configured on site to accommodate different products, containers and closures
  • Different speed capabilities can be programmed – up to 60 bpm – via touch screen
  • Can be configured to run pucks for unstable containers
  • Rapid changeover without the use of tools
  • No bottle – no fill – no cap standards
  • Automated CIP capability – optional
  • Automated detection and rejection of miss-filled or miss-capped containers
  • Capable of dual capping (inner and outer caps) or pump caps with stems


  • Cosmetics
  • Skin care and beauty products (glass or plastic)
  • Household products including detergents and cleaning solutions in plastic bottles with dispensing caps
  • Lotions and soaps
  • Sanitary filling of various foods in glass, plastic or metal containers, such as sauces, seasonings, dressing, beverages, etc.

Shibuya Hoppmann’s Monoblock Filler-Capper is an integrated filling and capping machine carefully engineered for long-term reliability, versatility, a small footprint and easy changeover. The modular design can be readily configured to handle stable or unstable bottles of glass, plastic or metal and a variety of caps and closures including pump caps. It accurately fills liquids with a wide range of viscosities through the use of either piston pumps or flow meter systems.

The servo operated machine is capable of filling small containers of less than 5 ml to containers of 2000 ml. It can fill health and beauty products, household products or detergents and soaps and can be equipped with an automated CIP system for sanitary filling of food products such as sauces and seasonings.

We have applied our 50 plus years of building some of the most technologically advanced and reliable bottling systems in the world to the design and manufacture of the SHC monoblock filler-capper. We have designed it to be as dependable and versatile as possible, simple to operate and maintain and to keep it affordably priced. It is built to exacting standards with the highest quality materials.

Operational aspects
The machine is set up for a particular product, container and closure through manual installation of parts and tooling. These are precisely engineered and installed without the need for tools, adjustments or a skilled mechanic. The actual operation of the machine, such as filling volumes, capping torques, etc. is pre-programmed into the controller and operated via a touch screen (HMI) panel.

Handling System
An effective, reliable and precise container handling system is crucial to consistent filling and capping. This machine is designed with an indexing turret driven by a servo. Servo motors are extremely reliable and versatile devices equipped with highly precise position sensors and feedback control for accurate positioning. They are also easily synchronized with filling, nozzle movements and capping. This synchronization is preformed electronically through the axis and machine controllers and results in an extremely reliable system capable of many years of trouble free operation. It also provides unmatched versatility to accommodate future products, containers and closures.

Filling System
A bottle filling system consists of two parts: the liquid metering system and the delivery system for the metered liquid into the bottle.

Liquid Metering
We offer two types of liquid metering system for use in this compact filling capping machine: a piston type and one that uses a precision flow meter. In the piston type, liquid is metered by displacement of the piston inside the cylinder with the piston operated by a high precision servo actuator. This provides for accurate and consistent liquid metering, remote adjustment from the operator panel and no bottle-no fill.

In the case of flow metering, the liquid is fed through a precise electronic flow meter that shuts off the valve when the desired volume is reached. This too can be adjusted from the operator panel and provides for no bottle-no fill. Both these systems can be equipped with CIP for operation under sanitary conditions. In addition, we can also provide other types of metering systems such as level filling, mass flow or auger.

Liquid Delivery
The liquid delivery system consists of the nozzle design and filling method – static from above the bottle mouth or a diving nozzle. The design parameters for the delivery system are determined by liquid characteristics such as viscosity, whether it’s a Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluid, whether the liquid foams or not and also by the size of the bottle mouth and speed of delivery into the bottle. Here too, the system is designed to provide the widest degree of versatility.

There are many types of plastic and metal caps used to close containers but they all have a few things in common. Consistent assembly with their containers requires accurate positioning of both caps and containers and accurate control of both the motion and force applied to assemble them together.

In blow molded plastic or glass bottles for example, there are often significant variations in the location of the mouth of the bottles in relation to the main body of the bottle. This means that if the bottles are centered under the capping head by means of gripping the main body of the bottle, it results in variations in location of the mouths of the bottles which in turn results in a less than consistent capping operation. We have overcome this problem by centering the bottle mouths under the capping head to achieve consistent capping.

The Monoblock Filler-Capper is compatible with a variety of cappers and cap feeders from single or dual caps, screw caps – servo or magnetic clutch, pump and dispensing caps with stems, PP caps – plastic or metal, snap and plug caps, quarter turn and specialty caps. Like the filling section, the capping system is modular in design, carefully engineered and built with precision using high quality materials. It is designed for sustained, trouble free operation with quick and simple changeovers and can be integrated with various types of feeders for orienting and feeding of caps to the capping units.
H2 - Control System

  • Allen Bradley PLC based control system is standard. Others can be provided based on customer preference.
  • Operator panel is touch screen type – standard. Other types can be provided.







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